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Open for applications from NGOs from Ghana and Kenya

Open for applications from NGOs from Ghana and Kenya

We are now open for applications from NGOs from Ghana and Kenya.

These are our selection criteria: 

Participating NGOs:

  1. Are African-led NGOs that are compliant with local regulations (i.e. officially registered and have a bank account and thus were KYC-checked at their bank). 
  2. Whose initiators started from a great idea for local projects, with own or local resources and can show impact but fail to get (sufficient) resources from granting donors.
  3. Contribute to one of these 3 SDGs: poverty reduction/economic development (SDG1); food security (SDG 2); and higher education (SDG4).
  4. Show how their project improves lives (facilitated by our application survey, project form and reporting format).
  5. Are cost-efficient (i.e. budget/lives improved).
  6. Engage their beneficiaries in evaluation of projects.
  7. Are transparent – like iMPACT direct itself – by sharing project information, updates and reports on our website.

After NGOs applied through an application survey, selection of NGOs is done by an expert in the country. Currently, we work in Ghana and Kenya only. As we grow, we hope to also start working in other countries.

Do you feel your NGO is eligable? Please, fill in the application form before 22 February 2021.

What to expect?

Successful applications will join the April-June campaign. As iMPACT direct is a starting organisation we can’t promise what the success of the campaign will be. To compare: Last year NGOs collected on average €1,500 and reached 250,000 people. This year we aim for €10,000 per NGO.

Moreover, the partnering NGOs we work with are part of a successful communication and fundraising result. We are sharing the same mission and organise co-created events, like a virtual tour to a project, and interview or a live Q&A session.

See all about our 2020 results and future plans, here.

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