Open for applications

Open for applications

We’re looking for partners in change, to achieve our mission together for more impactful development work, having locally-led NGOs in the lead, and of course great projects for the people you work with.
Do you feel your NGO is a great fit? We’re looking forward to see your application coming in!

Step 1: Are we a suitable partner for you?

Maybe the first step is; are we a suitable partner for you? What we can do:

  • Showcase your solutions / projects on our website
  • Promote the projects together with you to donors (individuals, partner organisations and grants) 
  • Together with the collective of partnering NGOs develop technical assistance towards more sustainable organisations (when relevant). 

What we can’t do:

  • Promise mountains. We are still a starting organisation that is growing, but we can’t promise the income for the project beforehand. We aim for target amounts of average €2,500 per campaign of 4 months.
  • Work with organisations that have sufficient other financial sources – so they don’t really need the donations through iMPACT direct, whereas others do need the donations to be able to multiply their impact.
  • Work for organisations that are not locally embedded, and don’t engage local communities in their solutions.

Also check:

Step 2: Apply with the application form (1st round)

Please, find the application form here: The deadline for doing that is 30 June. 

This round is for checking criteria. One of them is that currently we look for locally-led NGOs in Ghana and Kenya (and possibly in the neighbouring countries). See all criteria in the link above.

Step 3: Project format (2nd round)

If you will be selected, we’ll invite you for a 2nd round: a project format for a project that you want to stage on our website.

When selected, you can also expect a visit from our team in Ghana or Kenya. This is to not only rely on paperwork – and we like to establish a relation with the organisations we partner with.

Step 4: Promoting your project

From September up to end of December we will have our next campaign.

Kind regards,

Team iMPACT direct @Nijmegen- Amsterdam-Accra-Kilifi

PS: Want to partner but you’re not in Ghana or Kenya (or a neighbouring country). Then you may leave your email here: and we’ll notify you on new openings.

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