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Open for Applications

iMPACT direct is always on the look-out to start partnerships with African-based social innovators, working for people living below the poverty line on solutions on income opportunities, food security & climate, or education. 

What iMPACT direct offers to partners?

iMPACT direct it is our principal goal to support African NGOs to leverage impact in the aid sector.  What do we offer?

  • Visibility of your NGO and projects through our website and promotional activities (incl. socials, media and events).
  • Access to donors, supporters and grants.
  • Training and mentoring to build a stronger organisation. We have great expertise and a wide network in Europe and Africa.

Who can apply for a partnership?

  • NGOs located in Africa, especially those in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania or Uganda, with founders and leadership based in Africa.
  • NGOs that are officially registered and have a bank account.
  • NGOs with an annual income less than €100,000 and that report per financial annual reports.
  • NGOs with running activities for people living below the poverty level on No Poverty (SDG1), Zero Hunger (SDG2) or Quality Education (SDG4) other than primary education.

Please check full criteria and exclusions in Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below, before you start the application.

Steps of the application:

  1. Press the button ‘apply for partnership’ at
  2. It will open a new page, where you can fill in the first few eligibilities questions on the website. Can you all answer them with yes, then it means your NGO is eligible!
  3. When you press ‘apply’ you will receive an email with a log-in to our website. Now you can fill in the entire application, providing information on your NGO.

Important dates

  • 29 August: Have questions on the applications? Come and visit our Question & Answer session:
  • 4 September: iMPACT direct will start selection as from 5 September. So, you best apply latest the day before, so we can take your application into account in this round.
  • Nov 2022: Successful applications are planned to start in November.

Contact details

We receive so many emails and chat messages to request for partnership, that we will not be able to respond them personally. 

But of course, we do want to inform you well, because you might be our new partner!

Here are some channels that you can find the information you need:

  • Everything on partnerships, from criteria to what to expect from us in a partnership:
  • You also find answers to Frequently Asked Questions here 
  • Want to be kept updates on new opportunities, training and events. Sign up for our newsletter, and we notify you:
  • A Q&A session where we answer your questions. (see important dates)
  • Face any difficulties with application? Email to

Kind regards, 

Team iMPACT direct @Nijmegen- Amsterdam-Accra-Nairobi

PS: Not in one of our focus countries, but IN Sub Sahara Africa?

You can also apply from other countries in Sub Sahara Africa.

Please do known, that since the selection process is a bit harder for us, when you’re outside of our focus countries, where our colleagues we can easily travel to, to visit you, and thus the chances for a successful application might be lower.

Please note that our website and team are not yet ready for non-English speaking countries, but we work on that to be able to cater for French-speaking countries in future. If you want to be kept updated on when we open for French-speaking countries, please sign up for our newsletter here.

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