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Not 1% but 95% to Africa

Globally, on average only 1% of the international development budget goes directly to local NGOs in Africa, Asia or Latin America. So, 99% of all funding will first go to northern iNGOs, before parts of it will reach Africa. This means that solutions for African communities are made behind far-away desks. (Sources: Disrupt Developmentthe GuardianVice Versa, Trouw)

We do it differently

At iMPACT direct 95% of all donations will reach frontline African NGOs – and through them the people who most need it – with locally-led solutions.

How? At our website donors find projects of NGOs, that were carefully selected by our local experts, they may decide to directly donate. As we see from our first year’s results, as well as from research that relatively small direct donations are realising impact in just weeks or months, because it is a match funding to the NGOs’ own resources into community interventions they already have established.

4 projects before 31 March

Currently, we showcase 4 projects on our website. Our target? Before 31 March we want to reach the targeted amounts of all projects.

You can support us by sharing our 2-pager with organisations, funds or potential partners that you know and might be interested in supporting our mission.

32 donors already made a donation and two partner organisations donate a percentage of their profit or income to us.

Join us! Each new donation creates more impact and will be used to improve the lives of 5,575 more people. 

What’s more together with you, our donors and partners, we’re working on a joint mission in transforming international development, towards value for money that respects local knowledge and capacity.

Find our 2-pager. Or download it:

iMPACT direct

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