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Young Strong Mothers Foundation

Kiegea B, Mkundi ward, 


Young Strong Mothers Foundation

As a non-profit organisation, Young Strong Mothers Foundation commits to rebuilding the dreams of young teen mothers by equipping them with skills and knowledge to empower them in order for them to provide decent livelihood to their kids and their family members.


YSMF is all about rescuing the most vulnerable adolescent girls from teenage pregnancy, forced marriage, school dropout and GBV, also moving every young mother out from the gutter where they are today to where they ought to be. Despite being mothers by default, they are still children who need care and support. YSMF provides psychological counselling, motivation building and sow into the girls at risk of GBV and young mothers seeds of encouragement, success, victory, overcoming failures, imbibe culture of hardworking strong women, ready for self-sacrifice, self-awareness, self-respect, self-belief, self determination, commitment, courage, confidence and hope.


Young Strong Mothers Foundation

Past results

In 2022 and 2023 we reached, supported, and trained and supported 5512 mothers, 2125 adolescent girls. 5512 girls were put in school with full education materials to study. We established 10 netball teams for girls to make them active and build confidence in sports. 2125 young mothers gained business and job skills.

These skills have enabled them to get a job or run a business that is making them get financial
income. They use this income to pay school fees for their children, and support their family by providing meals and hospital care. The women and girls are opened to more learning, loans and other opportunities after being trained on life skills, psychosocial support and gender equality. The children will not go through what their mothers went through, because through the training we provide, their mothers get jobs or open businesses that make them get financial income to
provide for all the basic needs of their children. The girls children of the women we train will complete an ordinary level of education and continue with higher education, as their mothers can fund for that. We can notice several changes like reducing gender based violence. Women own business and create employment for other women. Women own land, houses and get married not because they need support, but it is because of starting a proper family. Reduced number of street children since the mothers can care for their children. Families reunite with the young mothers who were kicked out of home or denied by men responsible for the pregnancy.

Cost effectiveness

On average €46 per person

Young Strong Mothers Foundation projects

Current campaign

Second Chance for Teen Mothers

The Young Strong Mothers Foundation (YSMF) is launching a transformative initiative to equip 20 teenage mothers in Morogoro, Tanzania, with skills in detergent(soap, vaseline, bar soap, medicated soap) production and basic beauty services which will ensure stable financial incomes for them.
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