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Wa-Wa Kenya

Homa Bay, 


Wa-Wa Kenya

Wa-Wa is a fisher women academy with an aim of bringing equality in the society through economic empowerment of women and girls. Training vulnerable young women in entrepreneurship, so that they can determine the course of their lives and achieve their potential, is the core business of Wa-Wa Kenya.


Mission of your organisation


Wa-Wa Kenya has at its disposal competent trainers who will take part in training the beneficiaries: Project management, Entrepreneurship, Technical skills on: Tailoring, Fashions design, Boat and Chair making and Lastly fish cage making.

Our strength is having a high number of youthful staff on board and have women networks affiliated to the projects.

Cavin Odera, director of Wa-Wa Kenya: “When I was twelve, I lost my parents to AIDS. My mother was selling fish to feed us. In order to get the ’fish, she had to offer sex to fishermen. My elder sister who took care of us died ten years later for the same reasons. This drove me to found Wa-Wa Kenya so as to bring social change in our community where I see close to everyday; women and girls going through the same problems just like my mother and sister, people are dying of HIV/AIDS leaving orphans and vulnerable children behind with nothing to eat, wear or not being able to go to school.”

Wa-Wa Kenya

Past results

365 beneficiaries trained on different skills development in the past two years. Wa-Wa trained 200 women in soap and detergent making, who are now earning income locally with their products, and 165 teenage mothers on carpentry, fashion design and fish farming who are now self-employed.

18 have started their own businesses alongside the group projects, 8 women are paying school fees for their children in university, 3 have transformed their living standards by putting up decent residential.

Long-term results for peopl

Cost effectiveness

On average €33 per person.

Wa-Wa Kenya video

Wa-Wa Kenya projects

Current campaign

Boats for Fisher Women

10 fisher-women will lifts themselves and their families out of extreme poverty with the newly gained income from fishing, and from selling or hiring boats, on Rusinga Island.

Completed projects

Fashion Business Academy

Total amount donations € 4639

Beauty Parlour

Total amount donations € 496

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