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Vision of the Blind

Vision of the Blind is one of a kind in the coastal region, as there is no other rehabilitation centre or programme targeting Visually Impaired Persons. We advocate for relevant responsive programmes to promote the socioeconomic independence of Persons with Disabilities, nurturing their potentials and strive to counter barriers that inhibit their real, gainful, and meaningful inclusion. Vision of the Blind collaborates with the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD) which is a semi-autonomous government agency.


Mission of your organisation


Hudson Karume is the CEO of Vision of the Blind, and an experienced expert, being visually impaired himself. Two other staff members are volunteering at Vision of the Blind. All have excellent academic qualifications and experience in managing projects for people with a disability.

Staff have undergone various training, like a training of trainees in understanding disability and human rights, civic education and good governance, economic empowerment and corporate governance.

Through the organizational structure, sound management, and project staff qualifications, we have been able to implement all our projects to the satisfaction of recipients, partners and stakeholders.

Vision of the Blind

Past results

In the past two years we have support 280 persons with a disability. They have undergone vocational and soft skills training and 120 have been employed and 70 are operating their own businesses. These 190 people are now able to support their families.

Due to the corona regulations some have lost their jobs. Currently, 90 recipients are awaiting employment opportunities in a disability employment portal.

Long-term results for people

Cost effectiveness

On average €52 per recipient (including overhead costs).

Vision of the Blind video

Vision of the Blind projects

Current campaign

Livelihoods for children with severe disability

20 parents and caregivers acquire knowledge, skills and stock support to run businesses to provide dignified lives for children with severe disabilities.

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Total amount donations € 2923

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