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Vulnerable Aid

The organization promotes social change and empowers people in need. VAO provides assistance in four thematic areas: education, health, water & sanitation, and women empowerment. At VAO, we passionately believe that if you want to change something, the change must start from the person who need it.


Mission of your organisation


Vulnerable Aid Organisation started as an initiative of a group of students from the School of Social Works Osu. In their field work they saw deplorable situations of open defecation, unsafe drinking water, high rate of illiteracy, teenage pregnancy and cholera outbreaks. With the foundation of the NGO in 2014 they set out to help find lasting solutions to these bottle-necks and minimize vulnerability.

Three of the four board members are social workers. The NGO director holds a bachelor’s degree in social behaviour and conflict management and a diploma in social work. He is a development facilitator who is conscientious and diligent in finding the panacea to the most pressing problems in society, bridging the development divide between urban and rural communities.


Past results

In the past two years our projects reached 14,723 people in the communities we work.

The impact of our work:

  • 50 women trained in a range of skills now have sustainable jobs and can feed their families. Most of them can now pay for their children’s school fees and hospital bills. These success stories were made known to us in our recent evaluation.
  • Instead of farm-work, 200 children aged between 2-5 now go to school thanks to our kindergarten construction projects.
  • Through our borehole construction projects and improved irrigation, many small-scale famers (typically women) have increased their income. Our water and sanitation projects have saved many lives in several communities.

Long-term results for people

Cost effectiveness

On average €8 was spent per recipient reached.

VAO projects

Current campaign

Innovative Women Farmers

To alleviate poverty and improve food security of 100 small-scale women farmers by increasing their organic farming productivity and teaching them entrepreneurial skills.

Becoming Strong Organisations

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