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Thubutu Africa Initiatives

Thubutu Africa Initiatives (TAI) is registered as an NGO since 2019 and started their work in 2014. The Swahili word ‘Thubutu’ means ‘to dare’. Dare to be your own change! But to be able to be your own change, you need to get opportunities. TAI brings these opportunities especially to women and youth in the communities they work. When Tanzanian females and youth have greater access to and control over resources, opportunities, and decision-making power, they will be able to reduce extreme poverty, and build healthy communities.


Mission of your organisation


Our team comprises of a mix of experienced and passionate seniors and enthusiastic and energetic young professionals, who are passionate about community development. The majority of our staff worked at INGOs specialised in Agri-projects, and we bring a wealth of experience. We are:

Jonathan Kifunda is the Founder and Executive Director of TAI and holds a Master in Project Management and a Bachelor degree in Education and started his career as a teacher. Coming from a rural village in Tanzania, Jonathan worked his way up through dedication and commitment. Jonathan has extensive experience in leading a team of professionals, develop and manage sustainable projects and managing large (inter)national grant and investment trajectories both in the NGO as Social Business sector.

Paschalia Mbugani is a programmes manager and has ample experience in working with different community groups and is very good in community mobilization.

Hamis Gumbo is in charge of the accounts, budgets and controls and oversees the office administration and HR within TAI. He holds a Master of Science in Finance and Investment and a Bachelor degree in Accounts.

Besides the staff, TAI relies on her vast network of Community Health Workers, Peer Champions and Community Volunteers. They are living in the rural villages where TAI works, and they form the direct connection between TAI and her recipients.


Past results

TAI has improved the lives of approximately 89,114 people in different areas in mainly the Shinyanga Region of Tanzania, since 2014.

Because of our approaches we have seen:

  • Increasing household income in a project in which we provided farm animals to vulnerable girls who are at risk of early marriage and their families.
  • Improved health due to construction of toilet and handwashing facilities at schools.
  • People who are enabled to take control of their development, being empowered to take matters into their own hands, because of economic empowerment interventions, such as the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) schemes.
  • In a project where we worked together with the government: an increase of reports on early marriages and teenage pregnancies although, this is sad, it also means that people are more aware and find their way to the systems put in place.
  • Improved family health due to behaviour change, including seeking medical services in time, and accessibility of psychosocial support services, and less mother to child HIV transmissions.

Cost effectiveness

On average €2 per person reached.

TAI projects

Current campaign

Women Sunflower Business

30 young single mothers break out of social exclusion and end the cycle of poverty for their children, by setting-up a sunflower business and saving group.

Completed projects

She Farms

Total amount donations € 6927

Becoming Strong Organisations

iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING


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