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SUSTAIN Cameroon



SUSTAIN Cameroon

SUSTAIN Cameroon is a non-profit organization established in 2005.We seek to improve the welfare of vulnerable people of all ages in the most under-served communities of Cameroon. We believe we can achieve success by working with local and regional partners. We work alongside local community-based organizations, village development associations, traditional councils and authorities, faith-based organizations and government departments at every level to realise our goals.


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Sustain Cameroon has a core team of three staff members:

Etali Genesis Akwaji is the director and project coordinator

Etali holds a BA in African Studies with an option in International Relations from the University of Dschang, West Region of Cameroon. He has spent several of the years promoting gender equality and empowerment of women, girls and orphans and vulnerable children. He has co-founded and pioneered the creation of women rights organisations. He is very passionate about the rights of women, girls and orphans and vulnerable children.

Etali has over 18+years’ experience as a development practitioner, including working as a community mobilizer, serving in various capacities of conflict management, and doing gender equity assessments and sensitizations.

Fanwi Seraphine Kakwi is field mobilizer

Fanwi is a gender activist and an advocate for women’s rights and empowerment. She has 9 years records in the development field. She is passionate about empowering women and girls providing them with the environment to achieve their full potentials.

Beatrice Ambeng is mobilizer and Focal Point person for Momo

Beatrice has 10+ years in child protection related activities. Her exposure has imbued in her savvy skills in community mobilization and also to work with community stakeholders in the delivery of humanitarian relief and development activities

Together with volunteers we implement the project. We also employ community to provide support towards the project and also to help towards community ownership. In this way we make sure that most of our budget benefits our recipients.

SUSTAIN Cameroon

Past results

Through our previous project intervention some of the following key impacts and results were achieved:

  • A niche of 100 child brides and at-risk girls was created in 4 out of the 7 divisions of the North West Region of Cameroon, whom we continuously assist to pursue their dreams.
  • Of them 25 at risk girls enrolled and supported to continue education.
  • And 25 child brides were trained in various skills trades including tailoring and design, hairdressing, and are currently waiting to be assisted to set up their small businesses in these trades and to indulge in income generation activity to enable them to create wealth to support themselves, their children, and their families with basic needs.

Long-term results for people

Cost effectiveness

On average €75 is spent per recipient (this includes overhead costs).

SUSTAIN Cameroon projects

Current campaign

Opportunities for Child Brides

25 girls at risk start and run small businesses in Cameroon and improve their income and that of their families.

Completed projects

Start-ups for Child Brides

Total amount donations € 8738

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