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Rural Girls Empowerment (RuGirlz)

RuGirlz empowers socially disadvantaged women and youth by providing employment opportunities in the local production, marketing and distribution of our eco-friendly, reusable cloth sanitary pads. Our dedicated Period Hub serves as a vital resource centre, offering access to menstrual products, information, and support, while also promoting reproductive health and dignity.


To work with women along the value chain to create access to innovative menstrual care and sustainable living solution, education and income generating skill that will empower women, girls and the youth to create a healthy lifestyle for themselves, families and society while protecting the environment. 

At RuGirlz we know Menstrual Health is directly linked to the fulfillment of Human Rights and key to achieving six of the current SDGs which touch on Women and girls comfort, agency, participation, safety well-being and dignity. 

RuGirlz believes the Menstrual Health of rural girls is essential in advancing the African Union Agenda 2063 and also key element in the implementation of the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health 2030. 

Our mandate is to provide a holistic menstrual health and hygiene program that ensures women and girls have knowledge, menstrual products, and supportive environment to manage their menstruation and engage in livelihood activities aimed at empowering women and girls as catalyst for sustainable development in the rural areas of Africa.



Past results

Direct results include improved access to eco-friendly reusable sanitary products, coupled with comprehensive menstrual hygiene management knowledge. This has led to reduced prevalence of urogenital infections, school and work absenteeism, and stigma surrounding menstruation.
Indirectly, our initiatives have fostered enhanced income and economic empowerment for socially disadvantaged women and youth, contributing to improved gender equality and overall well-being in the community.

In the long term, the organisation anticipates sustained positive changes, including a shift towards a zero-waste lifestyle and the cultivation of cleaner and greener communities.

Cost effectiveness

On average €7 per person reached.

RuGirlz projects

Current campaign

Pads that Empower Women and Girls

Our initiative, which involves local production of sustainable sanitary pads, not only provides three financially disadvantaged women with a sustainable job, but also helps transform the lives of 200 girls from poor families. This ensures that the girls have access to free sanitary pads in order to keep them at school during their period.
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