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Mbeleni Foundation

Western Uganda, 


Mbeleni Foundation

Mbeleni is a women-led Non governmental organisation that is passionate about economic empowerment and livelihood improvement of the refugees and their host communities, specifically women and youth. We believe that economically independent persons have the ability to make independent choices and decisions. Our intentional integration of economic empowerment in all our work has made it our niche. Mbeleni has played a vital role in equipping women and youth with life skills like baking, soap making, tailoring in the places that we have worked where some women and youth beneficiaries have used the given skills to supplement their income.


We want to see Communities affected by conflicts, disease and poverty  attain sustainable, socio-economic justice. We exist To empower marginalized women, children and youth to rebuild their lives, lives of their families and their host communities.


Mbeleni Foundation

Past results

We indirectly impacted 300 beneficiaries in the past one year at Mulungu. During the implementation of the skills entrepreneurship project in Mulungu fishing and landing site in 2023, Mbeleni Foundation directly reached out to 30 women and youth who benefited from the various training of liquid soap, baking and business management training. On average direct beneficiary impacts 5 members of his/her family and 5 members of Mulungu community.

These beneficiaries acquired- business and practical business skills which some have started replicating. For example, Mama Bashi, one of the direct beneficiaries, is making and selling liquid soap in this fishing community. Umaru, one of the youth beneficiaries, is baking. All the group members learned soft skills of communication, customer care and bookkeeping among others which they are employing in their fish business. It was from this training that members felt a need to start selling fish through online marketing. Indirectly, we noticed an Improvement of incomes for family members as a result of incomes from both fish, liquid soap and baking. There was also an Improved resilience among the youth around Mulungu fishing community. Young people in the fishing community have diversified their businesses.

Cost effectiveness

On average €271,58 per person

Mbeleni Foundation projects

Current campaign

Grow Women Fish Business

10 women and youth will multiply and diversify their income by setting up a hotline and delivery system for businesswomen in fish, and by selling hand-made products in Mulungu, Uganda.
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