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Women-led NGO

Kalyet Afya Foundation

Kalyet Afya Foundation (KAF) is a local non-profit organisation based in Molo Sub-County, addressing the following two missions: 1) To sensitize, educate and provide family planning and healthcare services to people living in rural and slum areas, who cannot afford the cost of healthcare or cost of transport to the healthcare facilities. And 2) to protect, plant, cultivate and promote trees in partnership with local communities. KAF has a health permit of the Kenyan government and receives ARV-drugs (to be able to live with HIV) through them.

Past results

Lives improved

We run two projects in health and environmental conservation. In the past two years KAF reached 15,000 people.

The two projects contribute to:

  • Reduced unwanted pregnancies resulting in reduced unsafe abortions, with high health risks for women; and reduced teen pregnancies and thus more girls staying in school.
  • Reduced incidences of STIs, including HIV.
  • Women who can control when to have children (spacing), including improvement in women’s health; reduction of mortality in children below 5 years; and women who can engage in studies or income generating activities.
  • Trees planted by farmers and school children, resulting in a source of income, food as well as shelter, using the timber and fruits; prevention of soil erosion and purified air; and provision of shelter to wildlife.

Cost effectiveness

On average €2 per person reached.


Bernard Kipkorir Rutto, Director

Bernard is a qualified nurse, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kenya Methodist University currently pursuing his Masters. He has eight years’ experience as a nurse, trainer and lecturer, and has worked with KAF since they were founded in 2017.

Bernard has also regularly conducted consultancies to evaluate Ministry of Health and NGO projects focusing on primary health and reproductive health. Bernard’s skills spanning project evaluation, training in community health work and his nursing background give him the skills and expertise to manage this project to a high standard.


Lilian Langat, Finance and Administration Director

Lilian has a background in business management, holding an Masters in Business Administration from Kenyatta University. She has held positions as Chief Operating Officer, Human Resource and Administration Manager and project officer in various companies.

Transferring her experience gained in the business world, Lilian will bring excellent people skills and project management to this project.  Lilian has developed the NGO through assessing local needs, developing response plans, coordinating responses between civic, religious, governmental, and other organisations, and contributing to the delivery of quality health services.


Sanny Chuma, Project Officer

He has a degree in community development has worked with in various projects before. He has excellent expertise in project planning, assessment of housing needs and revitalization projects within a city or community.

Sanny is good in surveying and tracking needs, establishing plans for implementation, developing budgets and soliciting community input.

KAF projects

Current campaign

Championing for Community Health

3,600 people receive integrated health services at their doorstep improving their health status while 300 more benefit from planting trees to protect the forests and to cater for healthy food intake

Completed projects

Community Health

Total amount donations € 2572

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