International Peace Initiatives (IPI) creates spaces where orphans can find who they are and thrive. Our homes provide a place where vulnerable children find love, care, shelter, food, education and a roof over their heads so that they can break the cycle of poverty in their lives and that of their families. Besides, IPI works with women living with HIV/AIDS, survivors of violence and communities with the tools and resources to move to stability and self-reliance.

Past results

Lives improved

IPI improved 30,000 women’s and children’s lives since 2003 with tools to become self-reliant. And in the past 11 years, 1000 orphans completed primary and secondary education, 30 attained a Bachelor’s degree, 5 a Masters’ and 1 completed a PhD programme.

Moreover, we have created a model for orphan’s care that works and empowers orphans to take charge of their lives through the various empoweredness programmes we have created at the home.

Cost effectiveness: on average €100 per child or woman (including overhead costs).


Our older kids come back to work at the home, enhancing the work of IPI. We have an experienced Executive Director and a Programme Director – all beneficiaries of IPI and KACH. The CEO Dr Karambu Ringera, the founder of the programme, works directly in the field to ensure the success of the projects on the ground.

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