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Grown to Help



Grown to Help

As a Rwandan based organisation, Grown to Help is improving the lives of vulnerable families, through education and economic empowerment programmes. Our education intervention consists in providing scholarships to children from low-income families, comprehensive SRH education, and equipping girls’ rooms in public schools. Our economic empowerment program consists of empowering women through vocational training and entrepreneurship skills by helping them establish income generating activities.


We aim to transform the lives of vulnerable children and help their parents develop self-reliance, through access to education, health, and economic livelihoods.


Grown to Help

Past results

By the end of the year 2023 we have impacted the lives of 1726 people, including 12 women heads of
families we helped to establish income generating activities. We trained 4 teen-mothers in sewing, and two of them signed a contract with a local dressmaking shop to start in May 2024.

The direct results of our economic empowerment program lied in creating a steady income stream, employment opportunities for recipients, increasing their financial autonomy.

Moreover, SRHR education and pad distribution have been helpful for adolescents to make informed
decisions about their SRHR. Our project has consisted in lowering rates of maternal teen pregnancies, HIV/AIDS transmission. All our results achieved aim, in the long term, at reducing the school drop- out rate of children from low-income households.

Cost effectiveness

On average per person: RWF31,733(€23)

Grown to Help projects

Current campaign

2nd Chance through Fashion

10 young women gain sewing and marketing skills that will enable them to find a job or start a business in the fashion industry, securing a stable financial future for themselves and their family members.
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