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Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme

Mission of your organisation

Past results

Lives improved

In the past three years, COSDEP directly improved the lives of 703 farmers and through them another 3,515 community members.

A total of 35, 000 farmers have been reached and trained, 80% of these trained farmers are actively practicing organic farming. Two thirds of these farmers have also been involved in exchange visits as a way of promoting knowledge and information exchange among farmers in other areas.


Cost effectiveness

Ksh4,280 (or €32,63) is spent per farmer in the past three years (this includes overhead costs).


COSDEP video

COSDEP projects

Current campaign

Water Pans for Sustainable Farming

25 farmers will access water allowing constant food production from their kitchen gardens for consumption and selling to the local market, making their livelihoods more sustainable.

Completed projects

Kitchen Gardening

Total amount donations € 7976

Stories by COSDEP

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