Since 2001 Community Sustainable Development Empowerment Programme (COSDEP) focuses on ensuring continued learning and practice of agro-ecological agriculture in rural communities for improved food and dietary conditions. COSDEP is already working with farmers in two counties namely, Kiambu and Murang’a and aims to cover the entire Central region of Kenya in the future.

Past results

Lives improved

In the past three years, COSDEP directly improved the lives of 703 farmers and through them another 3,515 community members.

A total of 35, 000 farmers have been reached and trained, 80% of these trained farmers are actively practicing organic farming. Two thirds of these farmers have also been involved in exchange visits as a way of promoting knowledge and information exchange among farmers in other areas.

A successful adoption ensures that the know-how is internalized in the community for further spread among the farmers meaning that they can uphold the system for as long as they practice farming, without a compromise on yield and the quality of food, soil health and natural environment.


Cost effectiveness: Ksh4,280 (or €32,63) is spent per farmer in the past three years (this includes overhead costs).


The COSDEP team is well equipped with skills and knowledge about agro-ecological methods and they have conducted many field excursions, trainings and exchange visits to different organisations.

The team includes:

  • Stanley Ng’ethe Kinyanjui– the Director who holds a Diploma in Sustainable Agriculture with over 25 years’ experience both in agricultural extension work and administrative matters.
  • Jane Itati – Administrative Assistant who holds a diploma in Community Development, Business Administration and over 15 years’ experience in administrative matters.
  • Susan Mbui – M&E / Field Supervisor who holds a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management and over five years’ experience working in the agro-ecological sector.
  • Caren Nekesa – A field extension officer who holds diploma in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development and over six years’ experience working with the farming communities in the agro-ecological agriculture sector.


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