CERATH Development Organisation is well known for their impact for rural and urban poor in the fisheries sector and agricultural value chain of Ghana. Cerath also implements projects on renewable energy, inclusive finance and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

Past results

Cerath improved 1,200 women and their families’ lives since 2018.

How it improves their lives? In a project called Power to the Fishers the women’s income increased with the increase of productivity; because of better smoking techniques more fish was well-conserved. Simultaneously the women’s health improved by the climate-friendly ovens (i.e. less smoke) and because they increasingly adapt social protection services that are locally available, due to information by Cerath.

Cost effectiveness: €600 per woman (including overhead costs).


CERATH works with development professionals from diverse backgrounds to develop well-tailored interventions. CDO’s staff have extensive experience on projects related to entrepreneurial training, capacity building and access to employment. For example, in the Power to the Fishers project, Cerath trained and coached young entrepreneurs in the fishery value chain. 

As a grassroots organization, we have experience in the mobilization of target beneficiaries. Also, our experience and activities in the target districts have helped us to build tenacious relationships with local actors and stakeholders in the targeted district. The project team leverages on these partnerships during project implementation and also ensure active participation towards achieving a project’s effectiveness and the sustainability.

Cerath Projects

Completed projects

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