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Affecto Foundation

Affecto Foundation is fighting poverty through education. It offers an opportunity to students from poor and disadvantaged backgrounds, who perform well in their primary school-leaving examinations, to nurture and live their dreams. We believe to change their narrative and influence an improvement in their own and their family’s future.


Mission of your organisation


About the team


Past results

Affecto has supported 86 gifted students from rural areas across the country to be able to go back to school in the past three years. This year they will see their first finalists graduate. Affecto started conversations with the Kenyan Ministry of Education to have Affecto’s Centre recognized as a school and for their mentoring programme.

How it improves their lives? Global research shows that with every extra year in school, someone’s income and health increases. The ripple effect of educating and empowering students every year cannot be underestimated. Students will make the change for their families and communities, once graduated.

Long-term results for people

Cost effectiveness

€1,270 per student per year (when they will provide education themselves, costs will cut by half).

Affecto projects

Completed projects

Space for Stars

Total amount donations € 515

School fees

Total amount donations € 327
iMPACT direct

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