Agriculture and Climate Empowerment Centre (ACEC) empowers communities to adopt strategies that will enhance resilience to climate change, improve people’s livelihoods and thus ensuring sustainable development. ACEC employs an innovative participatory approach with community members that engages them right from the project formulation stage up to the implementation period.

Past results

Lives improved

ACEC improved 3,600 women’s lives since 2017 with three interventions: in climate smart agriculture for cocoa farmers (1381), distributing energy-saving cook stoves for women and households (1419), and 800 people within the fishing community of Dago in the Central region of Ghana.

Cost effectiveness: €48 per person (including overhead costs).


As an organisation, ACEC is made up of individuals who have manifold experience in the development sector, including:

  • ACEC’s director Ato Kwamina Addo who has experience in several community projects spanning from natural resource management, renewable energy, agriculture and community finance.
  • Kyerewaa Brobbey is a development researcher and practitioner with 13 years’ experience in youth and women’s empowerment in the non-profit sector. She is the main person on the field in reaching the target beneficiaries of vulnerable women & children in households.

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