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Mr. Mburu’s Story of Change

Mr. Mburu is one of the beneficiaries of farmers trainings offered by COSDEP Kenya, being a member of the Bibirioni farmers group in Limuru, Kiambu County has really benefited from the trainings offered.

He is indeed a testimony, a story of change and an advocate of healthy living through healthy farming which is the bedrock of Organic farming. Being one of the farmers whom COSDEP Kenya has trained on various Organic farming technologies/remedies of that seemed like a mystery to most farmers prior to COSDEP’s intervention, they solely depended on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides which have side effects on the sides on their health as well.

Upon being trained on organic farming, Mr. Mburu took it on himself to try his luck by practicing organic farming and indeed it paid off, among the many things they were trained on which was always a challenge to many to most farmers even today who haven’t embraced organic farming is:

1. Farm planning: Minimization of space wastage.

2. Maximization of production.

3. Proper utilization of the farm productively.

4. Recycling of biodegradable waste to produce their own organic fertilizers and save on the cost of fuels by producing Biogas to use in their homes and purchase of synthetic fertilizers which is hazardous to human health bearing in mind that “Health is Wealth”.

Mr. Mburu chose to become an agent of change after seeing that what he was practicing on his farm has paid off leading to increased income as compared to previous years as a result of proper farm planning, improved soil fertility which in return has led to increased production of healthy crops credit to Organic farming and COSDEP Kenya for offering the training, he decided to go step further to become a Trainer of Trainers, (TOT) truly an Advocate for Change.

Verbatim, “My dream is to act and be a role model for change to other community members by advocating for Organic farming to enhance food security and eradication of poverty. Environmental conservation through diversification in the ecosystem for crops, animals, trees by avoiding wastage and saving more by practicing organic farming.”

He also trains other farmers who benchmarks at his farm and occasionally goes to different zones to train other farmers for Impact. His hard work, commitment and determination has attracted many to change how they practicing farming, which in turn has contributed hugely to improvement of health and quality of life for people, soil fertility and animal health as well which is indeed a success story for both the community and COSDEP at large for life transformation trainings and support offered to the community at large.

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