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Kitchen Gardening

COSDEP trains and equips 150 small-scale tea farmers farmers with skills and knowledge on cultivating kitchen gardens – a practice proven to contribute to food security and a healthy environment.

Pig Rearing

The pig rearing project helps 20 women and their families to escape extreme poverty in the community of Isulu. With the generated income families can now afford nutritious food, school fees and a better home.

Fashion Business Academy

A unique training and mentoring programme for 5 young fisher women. Wa-Wa’s approach ensures sustainability and has already supported 365 young women in successful businesses.

Mangrove Restoration (2)

The project restores mangrove forests along the coastline of Winneba. Simultaneously, the incomes of 600 women and men will rise due to renewed climate-resilient jobs.

Boardmembers iMPACT direct

Inemarie Dekker

Founder & chair
Representative the Netherlands

I am passionate about developing social solutions with the people concerned and realising our ideas – as a team. With iMPACT direct, we show a living example of how the development sector can create more impact.

Nicky Wakou

Secretary & communications manager
I am passionate about international development and how to make it work for all. Being part of iMPACT direct is a natural progression to achieve a fairer, collaborative global community and disrupt the status quo by adding more seats to the decision-making table.

Isaac Waithaka

Co-founder & team member
Representative Kenya
I am experienced in co-creating social initiatives with a high added value for different social groups. Moreover, I think that solutions designed in the North may not work in the South. Hence, the unwavering commitment to this noble project.

Richard Yeboah

Co-founder & treasurer
Representative Ghana
I always seek to develop capacity and train entrepreneurs and NGOs to pay it forward, while putting social impact at the forefront of everything I do. Being part of iMPACT direct is a natural course in my journey of contributing towards a sustainable, equitable society.

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