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Lunch event: Stories from the local experts

Today we celebrate the global Giving Tuesday. What is it all about? Giving connects. You can give in so many ways: alone or together, with your attention, your talent or by making a donation. You decide how you give. Join the global Giving Tuesday and contribute to a more just and generous world, to make others happy, and yourself!

Four stories on local solutions

We invite you to come and see Africa from the eyes of the people we’re about to meet. Which we feel is different from so many stories we usually hear in the newspapers or from aid organisations.

Didn’t you had the time to visit us during (Dutch) lunch break? Here you can find a summary of the given presentations.

1. Maureen Shileche about the Pig Rearing project in Kenya:

2. Solomon Asiamah about the Climate-Smart-Agriculture project in Ghana

See the full video at Facebook

3. Lilian Lagat about the Community Health project in Kenya:

Check out the complete document below.

4. Hudson Karume about the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities project in Kenya:

And one more on OLCAP’s Pig Rearing project:

Why we organise story events?

We organise this event not only because it’s the global celebration of Giving Tuesday today. We do this because we want to showcase the great local solutions that are already there.  And we are the first initiative in the Netherlands that allows for donations directly to locally-led nonprofits working on solutions for improved income, climate and education for people living below the poverty line.

If you really liked our lunch event at Giving Tuesday today, you can support us with a small donation. Or maybe you’re touched by one of the presentations and you want to support this specific project, for both you can go here:

Lilian Lagat on Community Health Project

iMPACT direct

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