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Literacy School receives grant from Wilde Ganzen

This week the Adult Literacy School receives the grant from Wilde Ganzen and will be able to start the preparations for the Adult Literacy School in Nabdam!

Meet the women who will join the new school:

And this is the plan:

  • Find a location for the school through the District Assembly. The school will be located in Nangodi which is the capital of the Nabdam District. RSS conduct classes in existing community buildings. (Not in schools, because furniture is not suitable for adults, and the school schedule will affect the timing of the classes).
  • The purchase of basic equipment for the school, such as chairs and desks, marker boards and markers, and textbooks, writing books, pens/pencils and printing copies of teaching manuals. Usually, community halls are without equipment (people take their own chair to a meeting), that is why RSS buys the equipment for the classes.
  • (Refresher) training of 3 teachers, facilitated by 2 trainers, will take 3 days; a two-day workshop and one-day in the community.
  • Field trips on three (3) different occasions for 200 of the students, visiting places like hospitals, banks and post offices for them to practice what they’ve learned and to make students confident about using their facilities in the future. Traveling with all students would be too expensive.  
  • Monthly allowances for 3 teachers, for 8 months to ensure a quality set-up for the project. (see also ‘to what extent are any operational costs covered’ below)  

Good luck, RSS! Looking forward to see the updates on the progression!

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