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Kitchen Gardening project receives grant from Haella Foundation

COSDEP project receives a grant from Haella Foundation and will be able to start the preparations for the Kitchen Gardening project soon!

The donations will enable COSDEP to recruit farmer groups whom they have not yet reached due to limited funds. These donations will be used for:

  • Mobilisation and forming of 5 farmer groups of 15 members each.
  • Training farmers in agro-ecological agriculture techniques like composting, soil maintenance and livestock methods, as well as in cultivating kitchen gardens.
  • Providing seeds and planting materials to farmers.
  • Follow-up visits immediately after group training to ensure farmers are applying the techniques they’ve learned during trainings.
  • Conducting baseline and endline surveys among trainees to help measure impact.
  • Project staff allowances, transport and training materials 
  • Contribution to fundraising en promotional costs iMPACT direct to enable individual donors to sponsor the project (5%).

See some of the work of COSDEP on ecological farming:

Good luck, COSDEP! Looking forward to see the updates on the progression!

iMPACT direct

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