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Kenyan education system

The education system in Kenya is such that students proceed to high schools which are ranked as National, County and other lower levels and the admission to the schools is based on performance.

Most National schools also happen to be in locations closer to main cities. As a result, there are many bright children who perform very well and obtain admission into good National schools but because of the costs and logistics of travel involved, many end up missing their chances. Hence our efforts in rescuing and ensuring these students get their rightful opportunities just like those from capable backgrounds.

The government of Kenya is committed to a 100% transition of primary school students to high schools. However, it still remains a distant achievement with the challenges being both at National and County levels due to poverty levels, marginalisation of some communities or irregularities in education agencies. We, the Affecto foundation, in this respect, while recognising the efforts of the government, seek to supplement and complement these efforts all aimed at affording as many students as possible a chance at education.

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