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Kalyet Afya Foundation launches the Economic Empowerment Program.

”Now that we are aware and are embracing family planning, what can we do to empower ourselves? ” asked one of the women participant of the health program.

Kalyet Afya Foundation (KAF) is a women-led, Non-Governmental Organization based in
Kenya, Nakuru County, Molo Sub-County, registered to operate in 5 counties; Nakuru, Baringo,
Bomet, Kericho, and Narok. KAF focuses on 3 thematic areas; health, environment and
economic empowerment.

Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, family planning, and healthcare services for
marginalized rural women in our target region is hampered by physical, financial, educational,
social, cultural, legal, and personal constraints. Uzazi Bora project “Best Reproduction” began in
2019 with the goal of empowering marginalized rural communities, particularly women and
girls, to realize their SRHR, and access family planning and other health services.

We provide health services through community health outreaches, Backpack nursing, door-door
visits by Community Health Volunteers and Peer Educators, and health education on various
community platforms including women’s and men’s groups.

In the years’ journey, we realized that, for our health program to be sustainable ensuring the
women can access the services in our absence is essential. As a result, a question arose; what is
the strategy to ensure these women get the money to travel and pay for the services in the nearest
health facilities? We collectively noted that there is a need for economic empowerment.

With assistance from local leaders such as chiefs, village elders, and community members,
‘Community Sustainability and Health sponsored by Impact Direct Foundation’ our first
economic empowerment and environment conservation program started in the year 2021 with the
aim of empowering rural communities to improve their nutrition and income through fruit trees
and exotic trees planting for woodlots while conserving the environment.

In 2024, we aim to launch, Young Women Master Tailoring program our second economic
empowerment program. In 12 months, 10 women will be equipped with tailoring skills, business
and finance management skills, knowledge on Self-Help groups and supported with sewing
machines to enable them to start profitable ventures. KAF will launch additional income-
generating activities to free women and the entire community from cycles of poverty and given
societal roles, ensuring the long-term sustainability of our health program.

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