KACH Kids Build Their Dorm

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This is how we actually built the boy’s dormitory. Hard, yet meaningful work!

2020 was a very interesting and challenging year for us at International Peace Initiatives. Interesting because we had to improvise ways to stay alive in the very uncertain terrain of COVID-19; and challenging because having all 63+ kids at home for nine months is something we had not experienced or done before. Sharing ideas and resources within the family and with friends, being creative and trusting in the Good in every situation, and just having faith God has our backs all the time brought us this far. The process of building our dorm helped us recognize that each one of us is an agents of transformation and together, we can achieve much.

Kithoka Amani Children’s Home (KACH) used the COVID-19 break from school to build their dormitory and had fun doing it!

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