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Direct donation

Your donation is equally distributed to all open projects. Or donate to one of the below projects. Either way, we transfer 95% of your donation directly to the NGOs. The remaining 5% is used to cover some of our costs.

What others say about us

  • “Some projects and ideas are too good to not celibrate and support! iMPACT direct is trying to change the way we think of development aid. The idea? Direct transfers. So simple, so good! Why? Because the people who receive the money know how to spend it better than someone sitting at their desk in a different part of the world.”

    – Alba León
  • “This is such a great initiative! We need more of these projects. [….] Walking the talk is what we need right now!”

    – Lori Cajegas
  • “iMPACT direct verkort de donatie-keten, zodat jij makkelijk en betrouwbaar rechtstreeks geld kan doneren aan NGO’s in Afrika. Zo weet jij waar, aan wie en hoe je geld wordt besteed!”

    – Michiel de Vos

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Support us?

Start supporting one of the projects and benefit from our network in Africa, more value for money per donation and direct connection to communities via credible local NGOs.

Plan a call, presentation or virtual tour to one of the projects.
locally-led NGOs

Partner with us

We’re looking for partners in change!

To achieve our mission together for more impactful development work, having locally-led NGOs in the lead, and of course great projects for the people you work with.

iMPACT direct partners

Our partners believe in our mission. In word and deed. They donate resources, time, share great ideas and their expertise with us.

Donation FAQs

How can I donate?

At our website we have two options of supporting projects:

  • Pick a project you want to donate to and make a donation at the project’s page.
  • Or donate to iMPACT direct and it will be equally distributed to all open projects.

Donors always receive a short report from the NGO about how donations were used. We transfer 95% of your donation directly to the NGOs. The remaining 5% is used to cover our own costs.

You can also donate to projects while shopping:

  • Buy an online book at the same price, and donate 12% for free using YouBeDo (for Netherlands and Belgium only)
  • Buy online and donate a % for free using Doelshoppen (for Netherlands only).
Does my donation show at the barometer immediately?

Donations made through the donation button to 1 project are immediately shown at the project’s barometer.

Donations to all projects, and donations made through our bank account are updated, we divide over all open projects. This is done manually once a month, ideally before 7th of each month.

How can I make a recurring donation?

Do you want to donate monthly or yearly? It will soon be available through our donation button. The cheapest option however is to create an automatic donation at your own bank account to:

NL13 ABNA 0105 5215 82

Mention ‘donation iMPACT direct’

What are iMPACT direct’s bank details?

NL13 ABNA 0105 5215 82 to Stichting iMPACT direct

From outside the European Union, you can use PayPal.

Or you can easily donate via a bank transfer to our WISE account in your own currency. When doing a manual transfer, please indicate the NGO you want to support. Otherwise, we will are equally distribute the donation to all open projects.

For Euros choose:
iMPACT direct
BE21 9671 0967 1903
Address: TransferWise Europe SA, Avenue Marnix 13-17, Brussels, 1000, Belgium

For British Pound choose:
iMPACT direct
Account number: 66314087
IBAN (to receive GBP from UK only): GB63 TRWI 2314 7066 3140 87
UK sort code: 23-14-70
Address: TransferWise, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ, United Kingdom

For US dollars choose:
iMPACT direct
Account number: 8310677028
Wire transfer number: 026073008
Bank code (SWIFT / BIC): CMFGUS33.
Routing number (ACH or ABA): 026073150.
Address: TransferWise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, 10010, United States

Can I have my donation doubled?

Sometimes we have the opportunity to match-fund each donation, so to double your donation. In November and December 2023 your donation will be doubled by Stichting Overal and Wilde Ganzenfor several projects.

Does my donation qualify for tax reduction?

As iMPACT direct has ANBI-status – it is recognised as having a public benefit – Dutch donors will have some tax advantages.

Tax advantages for Dutch donors are:

  • Natural and legal persons who donate to iMPACT direct can deduct the amount from their Dutch income tax or corporate income tax declaration.
  • iMPACT direct doesn’t need to pay taxes over received donations.

Also regulations apply to us, that if you do a recurring annual donation that lasts five years or longer, it has maximum tax advantages.

iMPACT direct

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