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Introduction: Hairdressing to Improve Women’s Livelihood project

“We are committed to empowering disadvantaged young women through the transformative power of
the beauty industry.” says Lilian Langat, the founder, Kalyet Afya Foundation.

”Growing up in the rural areas of Sachangwan Division, I have seen firsthand the ongoing financial
challenges that young women face due to the lack of sustainable employment opportunities. This long-
standing lack of skills to compete in the workforce has left these women disadvantaged, stuck in a cycle
of poverty with few chances to escape. Despite their resilience and determination, they still struggle
against barriers that prevent them from achieving economic independence and improving their lives.

To remedy this situation, there was need of a transformative program providing essential skills that
would open pathways to economic independence of these women. Empowering Women through
beauty training is a program that aims to equip these women aged 18- 35 years with a comprehensive
training on hairdressing, haircutting and nail care. Additionally, these women will receive training in
entrepreneurship skills and be supported in establishment of Self Help Groups. The subsequent creation
of a beauty shop will not only provide immediate job opportunities but also foster a sense of community
and mutual support among the women.

The project vision extends beyond the individual success, we aim uplift entire families and contribute to
the overall prosperity of the Sachangwan Division. Through this project, we hope to inspire a new
generation of women who are confident, skilled, and capable of driving positive change in their lives and
their communities.”

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