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Interim Report | Water Harvesting Project

What we did since 14 December:

  • Swales dug on phase 1 of the project
  • Water bought to water trees and bananas
  • 1 Dam is dug
  • Bananas, sweet potatoes and cassava planted
  • Fruit trees and trees planted

The plants have survived so far because the swales we dug help keep water in the ground longer. The mulch also provides ground cover so that water does not evaporate. No farm around us has banana plants, cassava, sweet potatoes or the fruit trees we have planted here.

We did one school session where we donated and planted some trees at the school near us. We spoke to the whole school body on the importance of planting trees, taking care of plastic garbage and mulching for the plants. We demonstrated how to plant a tree – the size of the hole, how to set the hole in such a way that run-off water feeds the plant, and how to mulch.

Financial report

What we didn’t do yet:

  • Classes at the demonstration farm on harvesting water and growing organic food for farmers
  • from the community and primary school children.
  • Planting more indigenous trees (10,000) on the hill sides, in the school compounds (1,000 more)
  • and in the farms (5000 more), together with the primary schools and farmers.
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