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Interim Report Start-Ups for Child Brides

Achieved goals:  With the donation of Stichting Overal, 11 girls returned to school with received bags, books, pens, pencils and fees. 7 young women enrolled for vocational training in tailoring, 12 in hairdressing, and 5 started a small businesses in groceries. 

The aim was to support 25 girls and young women, but due to the conflict between the regular army and the non-state armed groups (NSAGs) in the project area, Sustain Cameroon decided to support an extra 10 vulnerable children. 

In addition, 3 savings and revolving microloan schemes were started. These groups will assist to generate funds for financial sustainability, and that’s why Sustain Cameroon is giving this a priority in each project community.

Longer-term impact: With the acquired education and income opportunities, 35 girls and young women thrive. We expect that at least 20 trainees will have a successful business and increase their income with 50%. An increased income will support the young women and on average 50 family members to secure their basic needs of health, education and livelihoods.

Concerning the project goals, what was different than planned and why?

  • An additional savings and revolving microcredit scheme was initiated and started thus making 3 new savings and revolving microcredit schemes (SRMS) instead of two that were planned.
  • The premise identified for the training centre is under reinforcement. We currently are doing an iron door and reinforcing the windows and ceiling to increase the security of the centre against theft of materials and equipment given that it is situated in the heart of the community.
  • Two new communities and thus groups were registered

What changes do you observe in the community ever since the project has started? 

Genesis Etali: “Some leaders of the groups are happy and confessed that this is a form of employment they had been seeking to have until the coming of the project. What’s more:

  • The groups are involving their members and beneficiaries in the management of group projects. Members and beneficiaries of some of the new groups created are using a participatory approach in the management of their group projects (revolving savings and microloans scheme) for instance the Change Community group in Mbengwi and FOWEPAC CIG in Bamenda II. These groups are enforcing the full participation of their members and beneficiaries in the management of their group project.
  • The agro pastoral food store that has been established for the FOWEPAC common Initiative group is the lone feed store that is serving the community. Initially livestock farmers within the community had to travel between two to five kilometres to get feed for their animals. Now, with the animal feed store in the community, the farmers are very satisfied and happy it started and they can buy in retail and wholesales from the store. It is important to note that the feed is sold at the same price they had to go the length to purchase from the main city. The store is accessible even on lockdown days.

Genesis Etali (June 2022)

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