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Interim Report She Farms

Local Solution

With € 3.952, Thumbutu Initiatives Africa has drilled a 70 meters borehole in the mid of 9 acres farm of Walima Mchicha group. The borehole can produce approximately 10,000 litres of water per hour. Unlike the shallow wells they dug that dried up during the dry season, this will help the group irrigate their farms throughout the year. Consequently, the women farmers can produce vegetables in all seasons increasing their productivity.

The women will soon be relieved from carrying water in buckets for long distances from wells to their farms. This has been challenge especially to the older women in the group. In addition, it has been time consuming reducing efficiency at the farm.

Impact: Lives Improved

Upon completion, 120 women farmers will have at least doubled farm productivity, and increased their income by 40%. 600 family members will benefit from the increased income.

The entire community benefits from the increased food security as there will be healthier and more affordable food that will be made available on the market year-round.

What’s more, the women will gain self-esteem when they are able to earn a fair income. These role models will support the position of women in society.

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