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Interim Report Innovative Women Farmers

Local Solution

The initial phase of the project is almost complete with partial donations of € 2375 (GHS 18, 856).120 women have been trained in crop production, storage, fertilizer usage, pesticide use and impact, and marketing. They have also been equipped with skills in bookkeeping, planning, teamwork, responsibility, communication, money management & investment, polyculture and on-farm training activities. This knowledge is adequate to cultivate enough vegetables in high demand at open markets.

The women also received cutlasses and with additional in-kind donations equivalent to € 84 (GHS 1,200) some received farm boots. The farmers are awaiting the already procured vegetable seeds to start off.

Impact: Lives Improved

With the technical assistance in modern agriculture, 120 women farmers will produce high quality vegetables for both consumption and commercial purpose. Their productivity will increase by 70%, with 2-3 business opportunities providing extra income, especially in non-productive periods.

This takes them and their families out of extreme poverty. 500 family members will benefit from increased healthy food intake and income for basic needs like food, education and health care.

The project initially designed for women farmers has been embraced by men who expressed interest in the project.

Participants’ mindset has shifted from outmoded farming practices which is critical in achieving the overall goal of the project. Farmers in the communities are now shifting from mono-cropping as a result of this project.


‘Thank God I am part of this project. I initially do not have the skills to cultivate vegetables. I buy pepper, tomatoes, okra, garden eggs etc. but now I can cultivate vegetables. I thank all those who support this initiative” Evu Dzigbodi

“With these skills, I can save money to take good care of my children by paying their school fees, hospital bills and other basic needs” Kugbe Mary.

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