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Interim Report |Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

Local Solution

42 people with disabilities successfully completed a 2 months training in basic business management skills. All participants were provided with necessary aids to comfortably attend all sessions. With the acquired knowledge and skills, they are confidently running their business ventures and are geared towards financial independence and self reliance. The training also involved a counselling and mentorship component to empower and instill a sense of self love and acceptance to the recipients.

10 recipients received business stock to start small income generating businesses while 3 more received business stalls to run already existing businesses. Vision of the Blind is currently monitoring the businesses and mentoring the entrepreneurs.

Impact: Lives Improved

42 people with disabilities are relentlessly running small businesses, that enables them to earn an income benefitting 210 families.

Longer term, we expect the recipients to be able to lead independent lives; and society to change its view, and ultimately create an inclusive environment for persons with disabilities, which makes it easier for them to complete education and get a job or start a business.


“Thank you very much for restoring my livelihood with my family, I can see light at the end of the tunnel” Gideon

“I am one of the happiest visually challenged woman, thanks to all those who have made it happen. I can sense life reviving and friends coming back” Racheal says.


The €2923 donated catered for stakeholder meeting cost, training fees, leasing of pwds training equipment, transport and provision of both stalls and business stock to the recipients. Different from the budget, there was transport reimbursement to the needy participants during the training. The costs also registered an average of 15% increase due to inflation.

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