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Impact stories from Teen mums project in Ghana

Emmanuella Ofosuhemaa

My name is Emmanuella Ofosuhemaa. I am from Apemso and 18 years old. My parents died early so I could not continue my education. I became pregnant and the man has neglected his responsibility and this has brought hardship on me. Now what the child will eat and  wear is my sole responsibility and a problem to me.. Now I don’t have anyone to take care of the child so I can concentrate on the dressmaking training. I thank Pinasol foundation and impact direct foundation for paying for the training cost and provided   me with sewing machines.

Attakorah Jenifer

My name is Attakorah Jenifer I am i8 years and went to Awherewa JHS. I have one child. I couldn’t continue my education after the death of my father. I became pregnant and the man didn’t take care of the child. I met impact direct foundation and Pinasol Foundation who provided me with sewing machines and paid my training cost. Now I can learn the dressmaking and fashion for my future.

iMPACT direct

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