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How CERATH is touching fishers’ lives in Ghana

The use of improved fish smoking technologies and the adoption of best fish handling practices are key to ensuring an improvement in business activities for fish processors, better health conditions and more customers on the market.

In view of this, CERATH Development Organization (CDO) organized a study tour for sixty (76) lead fishmongers from the Effutu municipal, Awutu Senya, Ekumfi, Gomoa West and Shama districts. The study tour was organized at a Compliance facility in Elmina where fishmongers were exposed to improved fish smoking technologies, good fish handling and hygienic practices and appropriate materials for packaging smoked fish. The lead fishmongers are to serve as agents of change and assist in the promotion of the improved technology among fishmongers. Read more on what CERATH is doing across the fisheries landscape in Ghana from our website

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