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Here we go! #iMPACTdirect

We can’t wait to tell you what we’ve been working on. For now all we can share is the info which made us come together to make some iMPACT direct.

For the first time in 30 years poverty increases in Africa.
It is expected that African countries will go back in time 10 to 30 years, when it comes to economic development.

Partly because people – especially the nearly 86% working in the informal sector – lose their income, because of the corona lockdowns.

(sources: ILO, NRC, Oxfam)

The facts about aid

Only 1% of the Dutch budget for Development Cooperation goes directly to NGOs in Africa, Asia or Latin America.

Leading to goal-setting behind Dutch desks, whereas this should be done with the people concerned.
Some Dutch NGO directors expect that it will take another 50 years to change!
(source: Vice Versa)

And that’s why iMPACT direct

  • faster (because it’s directly sent to the experts on the groIt’sund)
  • It’s cheaper (because you save on Dutch or European salaries)
  • It’s more effective – we believe (because the NGOs on the ground know best how to make impact in their own communities)

Simultaneously – while we grow – we believe to contribute to:

  • A strengthened civil society in Africa (starting in Ghana and Kenya).
  • And a more equal collaboration between northern and southern NGOs.
iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING


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