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Promoting Environmentally-Friendly Fish Smoking Ovens

Ninety (90%) of landed fish processed in the coastal Shama district is done through smoking. Fish smoking is done in sheds that line the shorefront. Smoked fish are seen as relatively healthier, have a longer shelf life, and also have export potential particularly within the West Africa sub-region.

Smoking is usually done with traditional ovens built with clay or mud, with the main source of fuel being firewood. These ovens are highly inefficient, and thus consume high amounts of fuelwood which has become a major driver of deforestation. These ovens also emit high volumes of smoke which makes it unsafe for both the environment and the health of the oven users, mostly women, and their children.

That is why CDO is committed to promoting the use of the Ahotor ovens, which is environmentally-friendly and safer for fishmongers and their children.

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