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Happy Farmers Day; Celebrating Farmers, Celebrating Agro-innovators

Every first Friday in December is Farmers Day in Ghana. It is celebrated as a National Holiday in honour of farmers. Throughout all the regions and Districts of Ghana, events are held and awards given to farmers for their hard work.

Despite a National Day for farmers in Ghana, the sector is beset with several challenges that makes farming unattractive. For instance, roads leading to farms still remain largely inaccessible while post-harvest losses is still a major problem for farmers.

However, the National Farmers Day pays very little attention to agro-innovators usually called agro-processors or agro-entrepreneurs. Agro-innovators are actually the game changers in ensuring a profitable and sustainable farming sector. Agro-innovators especially women are innovating techniques and methods of preserving vegetables, fruits and cereals among others through invention of new foods and food products, soft drinks, cooking oils and building small cottage industries to make use of raw materials from the farm.

So, while we celebrate farmers, we also want to celebrate our local innovators who are providing simple solutions to the complex problems associated with farming and the entire agricultural value chain.

The Business Women Fight Poverty is intended to support such people as they contribute to changing the agricultural value chain.

Happy Farmers’ Day, Happy Agro-Innovators’ Day

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