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Go green these holidays

Agriculture and Climate Empowerment Centre (ACEC) is working with partners to implement a project titled Community Mangrove Restoration Project.  The project focuses on restoring and replanting mangroves in the small coastal town of Gomoa Dago in Ghana.

This is aimed at safeguarding the livelihoods of community folk who depend on the mangroves to survive while enhancing the ecological integrity of the environment. This intervention will also see to the growth of fish who use the mangroves as their spawning ground.

We are using a series of methods including networking, educational, and livelihood training capacities to ensure that those living within the area will be involved in the restoration efforts. Our work will be boosted when you donate to save the mangroves and environment which will in turn sustain the livelihoods of the women and youth in the area.

Donate to support mangrove conservation.

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