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Today, at the annual Giving Tuesday you can find iMPACT direct at the Dutch action page! (click on the one in Ghana)

Today we celebrate Giving Tuesday. A global action day to do something for someone near or to make a donation.

Support today one of the projects that we stage on our website! Those are:

  • Restoring Mangroves & Increasing incomes for people living in these coastal communities
  • Secure land for a school that eventually will cut costs by half for the quality education of 400 students each year
  • Training and supporting starting Green Entrepreneurs
  • Finish the building of a boys’ home that started already 2 years, but needs some more, to finally have enough space for everyone to live, to their homework and to play

Experts in Ghana and Kenya carefully selected the NGOs carrying out these projects. If you decide to donate ttoday, your donation makes a double impact: local organisations make better local solutions AND realise impact for less budget. And finally, the NGOs report on their progress and results directly on our webste for you to read. 100% transparent!

Support one of the projects directly?

iMPACT direct

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