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The story of Mama Dela from Ghana

From fireplace to cookstove: this is the story of Mama Dela from Ghana.

ACEC wiped my tears the day they brought me one of their cook stoves. Previously, I had been cooking from a fireplace where we used lots of firewood. The smoke that emanated from the fireplace affected my health and that of my children. My eyes were sore and my children developed cough. The usage of the fireplace also made me spend lots of money on firewood and more time on cooking. This left me with little time for my business and income loss. With ACEC’s intervention, I now do not have to spend my little money on firewood. I also do not use the whole day to cook. My children are now attending school through the savings I have made. Please donate to empower ACEC to distribute clean cook stoves to boost the health and incomes of women and their households!

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