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First Steps of the Implementation of our Community Health Project in 2022

  1. Recruit 9 Community Health Volunteers (CHVs).

 The project will work to break down barriers by employing ‘Community Health Volunteers’ (CHVs) from within target communities. They will receive the training required to enable them to provide quality information to their communities. They will also be trained to provide free family planning referrals to the nearest static clinic. These trusted community members will raise awareness about the benefits of family planning, HIV testing and other primary healthcare. They will also dispel myths and misconceptions which are often quoted as reasons for not using family planning – for example the idea that contraception leads to women’s infertility or promiscuity.

  1. Train Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). On various healthcare and family planning topics, communication skills as well as community entrance strategies among other heath topics.
  2. Produce communications materials (T-shirts, posters, leaflets).To be distributed to various members of community to inform them on the various services we shall be offering during our free outreaches.
  3. Hold information days in target villages: Mostly when there are market days and there is a large pool of people to pass information on our various health care and family planning services.
  4. CHVs visit groups and individual households to raise awareness: these groups are mostly merry go rounds for women and youths, as well as doing house to visit to pass information.
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