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Farmers Trained On How To Use Push Planter For Seed Planting

With the initial funds that were received from Impact Direct, a PUSH planter machine was acquired for the farmers. In the picture is a demonstration of how to use the planter machine. The Push Planter is used for planting maize, beans, peas, and other medium to large sized seeds. It has two hoppers; one for the seeds, and the other for granular fertilizer. The fertilizer is used to “side dress” which means to add a small amount of fertilizer a few inches away from the seed. As the plant grows, the roots reach over to the fertilizer. It’s the first time the farmers in our community are exposed to this planting machine.

Maize price has gone up from GHS 95.00 to GHS 203.00 which is the highest in recent times.

In this project, the farmers are going to pilot three food products.

1. Maize planting

2. Chili pepper

3. Okro

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