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Farmers sharing and learning during evaluation

In Mid this year, COSDEP undertook an evaluation exercise with one of the farmers groups that we worked with in the kitchen gardening project that we implemented in the year 2021 to 2022.  The exercise was organized as an interactive session between the farmers group (Mukuyu Kienyeji in Jamaica village in Githunguri)  and COSDEP where they shared about their experiences, challenges and also achievements. 

Below are some of the highlights derived from the session as was captured;

  1. The practical application of the techniques trained by the farmers was very successful which included multistory gardens, raised beds, compost manures and bio fertilizers.
  2. That organic compost lasts longer in the soil compared to conventional fertilizers 
  3. The farmers can now make income from products like Bokashi, Vermicompost and Supermagro.                                                     
  4. The farmers have been able to diversify their food crops which has helped improve on their nutrition
  5. The farmers also learnt that Value addition avoids wastages and increases shelf-life of the produce and fetches high prices in the market. 

We have plans to follow up on the farmers groups progress later in the year and share more on the impact that the project has continued to have in their lives. 

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