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Expert Talk: Water Harvesting

On Friday 24 June Paschalia Mbugani – programme manager at Thubutu Africa Initiatives (TAI) -presented her expertise and experience on Water Harvesting. A very important topic for all NGOs working on Zero Hunger and agricultural projects.

We learned that depending on the circumstances and opportunities that one can choose from a variety of water harvesting methods. In the project She Farms, TAI chose for shallow wells, because they were already in place. The extra pump on solar power, water tank and pipes will make it much easier for the group of women to farm all year round.

The experts in the room, agreed that the solar power can also be used for households, if they are close enough. And the harvested water could also be used for consumption.

In addition, an extra method can be Water Pans, see the project of COSDEP here.

To hear and read all about the other options, watch or read her presentation below:

Presentation Water Harvesting

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