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Expert Talk: TVET for Youth Employment

By Solomon Okyere Asiamah from Pinasol

Technical Vocational Training and Education is one of the long drawn solutions to youth unemployment. Its focus on practical, in-demand skills narrows the skills gap in the labor market. In addition, it stimulates innovation directly creating job opportunities.

Below presentation gives an overview of how to link TVET to the labour market  to reduce unemployment among the youth, following these steps:

  • Choose the business field and define the market needs
  • Analyse the labour market
  • Develop job profiles
  • Develop Training
  • Training of Trainers
  • Innovate and reach out

What Pinasol does in Effiduase (Ghana) and the four surrounding communities:

For indepth understanding on linking TVET to the labour market to resolve youth unemployment, listen in to Solomon Okyere, Founder Pinasol Foundation as he tackles the topic.

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