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Expert Talk: Job Skilling in Rural Areas

On Friday 9 September Cavin Odera – director at Wa Wa Kenya – presented his expertise and experience on Vocation Training and successful income generation. Wa Wa supported 16 women groups and 500 women likes this.

Cavin focused on the topic of forming groups that can learn and thrive. Only when you know your community, you can achieve great results with projects. “If you just put money in, and you don’t understand your community, it’s a waste. Everybody will just come, but is this what they really want?”

Listen to all the tips & tricks of group forming for socio-economic results. “People who thought of themselves as a nobody, are now smiling, because they have a profession and an income!”

To hear and read all about the other options, watch or read her presentation below:

Rural Economic Empowerment Presentation

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