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Donation Stats

Day 5 of the campaign | 6 donors donated:

€103.25 to ACEC

€13.25 to Cerath Development Organisation

€3.25 to International Peace Initiatives

€23.25 to Affecto Foundation

We start off slowly – and that’s okay. We’re going to update you much more on how we work, the great NGOs you can support and how we report! (Or you can find it at our FAQs already).

Two types of support

In the meantime, so many people our helping us by sharing our story in their network (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) on and offline.

And we receive many messages from NGO workers and African experts on how much they support the idea and how important it is to have change in the development sector! Thanks for those, it motivates us to make iMPACT direct work!

iMPACT direct

CHANGE the story of GIVING


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