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Donation stats

Week 7 of the campaign |3,5 week to go | 20 donors donated:

€143.25 to ACEC

€53.25 to Cerath Development Organisation

€103.25 to International Peace Initiatives

€213.25 to Affecto Foundation

More updates on our progress

Yes, donations come in more slowly than expected. We believe that partly has to do because we are working on building relations between donors and NGOs, and that’s a process that needs time.

We also re-consider our communication strategies and try something new the last 3,5 weeks of our 1st campaign. The final day will be 17 October: the UN International Day for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty. And we’re planning for an event on 16 October. (to be continued!)

What’s more, we’re having so many talks with potential partners interested in working directly with African-led NGOs. The second strategy is to work that out, how we can work in partnerships. (to be continued)

So, in short: we have taken our first steps. Get many enthusiast reactions. Collect our learnings and keep improving. 

PS: In case you missed it. Here’s our first media presence:

iMPACT direct

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