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Locally-led NGOs only receive 2% of the aid budget directly.

That is partly because in Europe, we often do not hear their stories, their expertise, and their results. Because European media and European-based NGOs hardly tell these stories.

Donate 1 Insta-Story for 1 day!

You can change that! On the brink of #GivingTuesdayNL you can now donate a stage to one of our 12 partner-NGOs from Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda!

Early 2024 we have several shorts ready from our partner-experts, made by African video-makers, showing results from the solutions they have at hand, supporting people to get out of extreme poverty.

Do you want to donate 1 Insta-story for 1 day to one of our African partners?

We notify you when the shorts are ready, and you can pick one of your choice to share!

This is one of our shorts:

Or see all our current shorts.

More info

Read more about us at GivingTuesdayNL.

Read more about our video-content partners The Great Ride Along & Africa No Filter.

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